LastPass Commercial #2

Jacob forgets his boss’ name. Produced by Schloss Films, 2018.

Woodchuck Cider Commercial

Jacob thought you would skip the ad and he… falls apart.

Tru Choice Home Loans

Jacob and his TV wife can’t afford a house in Maine for their dog. Produced by Anchorline, 2019, for Tru Choice FCU.

airworks commercial

Jacob plays a civil engineer who needs better software!

GameSense Intro with Chip

Jacob is the spokesman for, the Mass Gaming Commission’s site for responsible gambling!

Waste Of Space

From writer/director Sean Meehan, Jacob stars in this short about a Harvard alum who encounters a lowlife classmate from highschool, and they bond over their silent, mutual realization: neither of them has their shit together.
Harvard degree, solid job, good connections, beautiful girlfriend: Privilege can get you everything but happiness.

Jacob Dancing for the ART

A fan video of Jacob playing the Doorman in the Donkey Show from 2018.

Losing like a Winner with Chip

Jacob is Chip, a loser with

Victory Dance with Chip

Jacob dances during blackjack as Chip for

LastPass Commercial #1

Jacob remembers no one’s name. Produced by Schloss Films, 2018